What You Need to Know About Bad Credit Phone Contracts


If you’re hoping to avail a phone contract and you have a bad credit score or a history of ccjs or defaults, chances are high that your application may be rejected. Because of your less than perfect credit rating, you are considered a high-risk subscriber and no carrier really wants to deal with high risk.

As a way to bridge the gap, there are now providers online offering bad credit mobile phone contracts. These are phone deals that do not require any credit check. This means no more worrying about your bad credit getting in the way. But before you go ahead and sign any deal, make sure to keep the following key factors in mind:

Limited handset choices

With bad credit mobile phone contracts, the handset choices are usually very limited. If you have set your hearts on the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handset, might as well forget it now. When you opt for this type of contract plan, prepare yourself to choose from a limited selection of handsets which may include older phone models.

Higher monthly fees

Another downside is the probable higher monthly fees. Because providers are taking high risks for offering no credit check phone contracts, they usually balance things out by upping the monthly fees. You’ll have to deal with this until you can improve your credit score.

But while relatively more costly than traditional phone contracts for people with good credit, bad credit phone deals are not without its advantages. If you go for a bad credit phone contract, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Fast processing

One of the best things about bad credit phone contracts is the fast processing. As a lure for potential customers, more and more providers are now promising same day approval. Provided that you are eligible and you meet the basic requirements, you can expect to get approved in as fast as within a day or less.

Accessible Online

Bad credit phone contracts are also easily accessible online. There’s no need to leave the comforts of home to pick a handset and a phone bundle to fit your needs. Just go online and look for a reliable provider then fill out the online application. You should get confirmation in a matter of minutes. And as long as you meet the requirements, approval should be a breeze.

No Credit Check

Topping the list of advantages is the fact there is no credit check involved for people with bad credit. No matter how poor your credit score may be, there’s really no need to worry about because your provider will only look at your financial situation and your ability to handle the monthly fees.

Should You Apply for One?

If you believe that a phone contract is what you need to meet your phone service needs and major carriers in the UK have rejected your application, then bad credit phone contracts are viable options. If want to know more about these options, the information is available here. Just remember that these types of deals have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As long as the former outweigh the latter than getting one makes sense.