Best Smartphones for Your Phone Contract Deals


One of the major decisions you need to make when applying for a phone contract is your choice of handset. With so many new handsets released each year, it has become harder to pick one. To help you weather through your choices, here’s a list of the best smartphones this year:

iPhone 6

With the release of iPhone 6 is the fact that Apple only gets better each year and the latest iPhone certainly did not disappoint. Boasting better features and a beautiful design, iPhone 6 may be one of the best smartphones you’ll get your hands on this year. It is larger in size with better battery, keyboard and overall user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Giving iPhone 6 a run for their money is Samsung’s Galaxy S5. In fact, the smartphone has outranked iPhone 6 in some top comparison and review websites. For those who have loved Android-based phones, the new Samsung Galaxy is a work of art. It looks gorgeous but more important it boasts an impressive camera, very sharp screen and excellent media. It’s too bad though that the battery life isn’t all that impressive.

HTC One M9

Last year’s HTC One M8 was a huge hit and banking on said success is the HTC One M9. It is one of the top favorite smartphones this year thanks to its premium design and topnotch quality. It also has a great camera. On the flip side, the phone is still pretty expensive and has weak battery. But all in all, it makes a good option if you’re for a less expensive phone contract plan.


With a sleek and stylish rugged look, the new LG G4 is worth a second look. The smartphone is the brand’s latest flagship offering and features an excellent screen and some specs that are sure to win over Android Users. You can opt for either a plastic or leather back.